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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Pokemon Battle Revolution: The revolution of Pokemon or just n00b####?

First of all, I have to state a warning about this post. This post contain some uncharacteristically strong language and may not be suitable for all ages.

Now, back on topic. I was playing Pokemon Battle Revolution on the Wii a few hours ago, and I was at battle 2 of the master's battle set 2. The battle started off horribly, with my Gyrados being taken down with a boosted Double Hit second turn, and my Electivire not being able to attack due to the evasiveness boost on Tenticruel due to accupressure.

Accupressure... that's total n00bshit. Why would anyone spam that worthless piece of shit move? I know it raises stats, but you don't know which one. And on top of it, it's illegal under the Smogon ruleset, which my team is built on top of. No self respecting gamer of my caliber or better would ever use an evasiveness boosting move, so none of us are prepared to handle it.

If you think that was a bad start, wait until you hear what the finisher is.

Horn Drill.

The most n00bshit move in the game. 30% accuracy is bad, but it's an instant kill move that can hit any pokemon, no matter the type (except Ghost due to type immunity). There's got to be some sort of catch. Unfortunately, it still hit first time, OHKOing my usually unstoppable Umbreon (who usually lasts a few turns even with its back against a wall).

Nintendo, you never cease to amaze me with your n00bshit. Grow up and stop feeding the n00bs, or you'll be the one eating crow.

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