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Monday, June 28, 2010

Response to: "A response to my Pokemon article" by Alexander Cornswalled

40KEndgame (40K): I am appalled by what Alexander Cornswalled has said about one of my friends at Bulbagarden

Alexander (ALX): "I Recently received a comment to my article about the history and origins of Pokemon. The young man who made the comment clearly did not realize I was writing about the card game that predated the computer games. I've decided to respond to his comments here."

40K: What are you even referring to? Unless you're talking about that discontinued unrelated garbage TCG that came out in the 70's, you're making no sense.

Ryuutakeshi (RYU): "Have you ever played a pokemon game? If not, then you have no right to bash pokemon"

ALX: "Have you ever injected heroin into your veins? Have you ever molested a child? Have you ever tortured a pet who trusted you? Have you ever stolen a car? By your own logic, this means you're in no position to criticize any of these obviously immoral, illegal and criminal actions. Without the ability to judge the virtue of actions we ourselves have not committed, we would be unable to function as a society. We would dissolve into chaos, crime and violence, leaving behind not a civilization and acts of virtue, but the smoldering remains of an orgy of destruction."

40K: By your logic, you don't have that right either.

ALX: "I prefer the ability to make moral judgments to the kind of chaos and destruction you seem to be advocating."

40K: Please explain how saving a fictional universe from destruction is destructive.

RYU: "As there are only 493 different pokemon, I'd like to know where your 3000 come into play"

ALX: "The text was meant to say 'a 3,000 year old pagan religion.' Thank you for noticing the typo."

40K: I have no problem with fixing typos, especially when they help clear things up.

"As far as I know, people really jsut buy coins to get Porygon. I don't know anyone who ENJOYS the slots."

ALX: "The original article was written about the card game, not the computer game. At the time I wrote the article, there was a significant gambling component to the card game. I was, in fact, the whole POINT of the game. The only ways to gain more Pokemon was to buy cards or win them in the game. It sounds like the gambling component of Pokemon was reduced for the computer games that came later, but replaced with virtual slot machines."

40K: Reread my response to your first comment. Unless you're referring to that old garbage from the 70's again, in which case the two are completely unrelated, you're making no sense what so ever.

ALX: "I find this abhorrent. The card game teaches kids to find card gambling to be fun, while according to you the computer games teach kids to favor 'one armed bandits'."

40K: I haven't heard that term in a long time... "One Armed Bandits" brings back memories of before the internet was free and when Bill Clinton was president. I remember when I first heard Yosemite Sam from Loony Toons use that phrase in a casino themed episode...
Oh... sorry about that. Anyway, those "One Armed Bandits" aren't even an important part of the game, so why would there be an impact. I remember stepping into the game corner in Pokemon Yellow for one reason - to kick the criminals running the place out of town.

RYU: "Pokemon is short for pocket monsters and that is the official, and truthful, explanation."

ALX: "You're half right, It is the 'official' definition."

40K: It sounds like your great grandfather, twice removed, was a member of the Spanish Inquisition, because you seem to like to dictate what the truth is and what isn't.

RYU: "This is Ryuutakeshi, the Dragon Warrior, signing off.

Ryuutakeshi: Vice President of his forensics team, actor in seven plays thus far, black belt in Taekwon-do, Harry Potter trivia master, and all around nerd.

Pokemon hasn't harmed me. How has it harmed you?"

ALX: "I've bolded a few portions of your comment above. I don't think I need to do more than that to counter your claim that Pokemon has done you no damage."

40K: In Japanese, Ryuutakeshi (his username) means "Dragon Warrior". I guess misunderstandings like that happen when there is a language barrier. Besides, what if I called you evil for sharing a name with Alexander the Great?

Actor in seven plays? Most likely they were school plays since Ryuutakeshi is only 18.

Harry Potter trivia master? What's wrong with knowing about the series? I'd call myself a master of computer trivia (knowing about the workings of a computer), do you have a problem with that? It's the same thing.

All around nerd? You're making no sense again. Tell me your definition of nerd because the definition I know is someone who is know for intelligence and mild quirkiness, and I share those traits with him.

Anyway, I'll give you the link to his article. If you have any flak for him, post it there. Flak for me stays on this page, and any flak for Ryuutakeshi will be printed out, deleted, and pressed into a paste to replace my minty-fresh toothpaste.

Anyway, it's 3:15 here and I need some sleep.

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