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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Google does have the power to dictate who rises and who falls.

Well, I'm putting my account on the line once again to bash a large monopolistic company.
Remember when I said "Monopolies are just as bad as big government"? Well, Here's the proof you've been waiting for.

You see that chart? That's the 2009 fourth quarter market share for search advertising. What's wrong with it? Google is red, Yahoo is yellow, and the newcomer from Microsoft, Bing, is blue. Why is that bad? Most of the chart is red. That's 75% in the US alone.

And you thought Microsoft and Apple were bad...

Why does this matter to anyone besides investors? The fact that Google is the dominant search engine by far means that they basically control the internet. They chose what businesses do well and what businesses go out of business. If they wanted to, they could essentially kill the entire world economy by re-prioritizing their search engine's results to display random Blogger pages and Youtube videos first, burying relevant businesses.

It's a noose that Google has around the world economy's neck, and they can open the trap door any time they wish.

It's a threat that needs to be eliminated. No one group or individual should have that kind of power, whether in business or government.

Keep an open mind and stick to common sense,


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