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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The ultimate horor of gaming - games no longer compatable with Windows machines

Ok. I know there are a lot of gamers who use Macs, and I know I will be spammed, flamed, and smeared by Mac fanboys, but I don't care, because I now have comment moderation and if you can't be reasonable, it's better not to comment at all.

Now... Back on topic.

What I'm about to say will both enrage and excite Mac fanboys and sadden traditional PC gamers. When I say PC, I'm referring to both Windows and Linux powered computers, more often called IBM compatible PCs. I'm including Linux in this because the only way I know that Linux users can gain access to non Linux games is through WINE (WINE Is Not an Emulator).

I was playing Team Fortress 2 on my Windows 7 AND Ubuntu 10.04 powered Gateway PC when the server I was on, HKCentral TF2 Newbies Only #2, "crashed". I use crashed in quotes because in reality, the server was still online but most of the users clients crashed. I was lucky enough to disconnect before my computer was damaged, but others were not. Two members were still online. I can confirm that they were not bots. HKCentral doesn't use bots on empty servers. I logged back in. The two users left had the earbuds unlockable - the one thing that shows that a player is a Mac user. there were only two players on the server who had them before the server crashed.

Why would the PCs experience the effects of a server crash when the Macs didn't? I know TF2, CS:S, and other source based games are undergoing an experimental phase during which players are the captive beta testers, but if they weren't due to compatibility issues, wouldn't they be global and non-platform specific?

I have a theory. I know it sounds crazy, but it's just a theory and I can't prove it yet. I'm not saying it's fact.

These experimental updates might be designed to cause the game to crash on systems other than Mac OS X, in order to make the myth that Macs never crash seem true.

I know two Mac users, and they swear by their Macs blindly. I asked one of them to try Ubuntu, but she refused, saying that it would be too hard to learn how to use and that it would get viruses. I use Ubuntu myself as a backup OS, and I have had fewer issues with it than even the tried and true Windows XP, and it feels easier to navigate than even Windows 7.

I worry that Valve has been enthralled to the monopolistic entity known as Apple.

As I said before, is it really capitalism without competition? Can you call it a free market if there is only one supplier in an industry, whether if it is the government or not?

As I write this, I add yet another enemy to my "book of grudges", as it would be called in Warhammer.

I hope to resolve these grudges before the end of my life.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The DMCA VS physical property law.

Alright. I really didn't want to cover this topic due to the legal risk I am taking, but I must.

First, I would like to let you know that I understand that physical property =/= intellectual property, but that statement puzzles me. Does that mean intellectual property isn't really property? If so, then no one can own intellectual "property", since it isn't property at all. If it is property, then why can't I buy it, but yet huge mega-corporations can freely buy, sell, and trade it? Is it because I don't have a right to it? If that's the case, then why? Are the owners of huge mega-corporations the only true people and everyone else is inferior?

To understand why I am bringing basic human rights to a battlefield where everyone else is using copyrights and the DMCA as their weapon, one must first understand the point of view I am using.

I am the youngest son of the former president of a well known industrial contracting company and the brother of his successor. I have an inside viewpoint. I also have an outside viewpoint as a disgruntled consumer and a supporter of open source and customizable software. Note that I didn't say free software. Not all free programs are open source, and not all open source programs are free. I prefer Trackmania United Forever over Trackmania nations Forever. The first one is customizable, the second one is free.

Now, You may be wondering why I'm confused about this when the obvious answer is obvious. The answer isn't what you think. It isn't because it's an idea or self-expression, because that's governed by the 1st amendment of the US constitution and makes it even more open to being copied. It's because software is intangible. Software can't be held. Software can be copied, transmitted, given new form, and all this without destroying the original.

Companies don't get that software can be protected in the same way as patented inventions. The GNU General Public License basically does this. Let me put up a chart to compare patent law, the DMCA, and the GNU General Public License.

FeaturePatent LawDMCAGPL
Allows use of productYesYes, with limitationsYes
Allows for access to blueprints/source codeYesNoYes
Allows redistribution, both for free and for sale, provided that credit to the original creator is givenYesNoYes
Allows public exhibitionYesNo, except when covered by fair useYes
Allows changes to be made by third parties as long as the original product is kept intactYesNoYes
(The Big Shocker)Can be soldYesLicensedYes

As you can see, the GNU General Public License is just like patent law, and it works. So really, why do companies use the DMCA and create their own proprietary instead of the GNU General Public License? They have power that they want to keep. They're afraid of losing that power.

Honorable, they are not.

Keep an open mind and open ears,

P.S. I'm sorry if I went off on a tangent, but in a few weeks this will all be tied together. Check back often.

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