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Monday, August 9, 2010

More about hackers

I was playing Mario Kart Wii about three hours ago, and I ran into a hacker by the name of OMGITZMIKE with a VR of 37337. The several races we were in were some of the most fun I ever had on MKW, as I never knew what was going to happen. One of this guy's hacks caused him to always finish in last place, causing the VRs of everyone to skyrocket. There were a few other hackers online, but OMGITZMIKE is the one I'm focusing on.

Getting used to racing with "lulz hackers", as I refer to them as, is hard at first, but you eventually learn to laugh with them. Those who say that lulz hackers should be banned are either whiny noobs that should be playing Halo or Modern Warfare 2 (where they're actually tolerated), or are people with no sense of humor and would rather win a World Record (or thirty-two) than have fun. It's not fun when you are at the top because no one can give you a challenge. Trust me. I've been there many times.


  1. Hi i am OmgItzMike, thanks for the nice words.

  2. Mike is the bombdiggity. :)


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