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Monday, July 5, 2010

Alexander Cornswalled is just a windbag.

Well, I guess I proved it - Alexander Cornswalled is just a squeaky wheel, and he's been getting his grease for three years too many.

I left a comment on his article on which I responded to, telling him to check my response and comment or else be considered a windbag. Guess what - he never did, and I think taking a look at my article is enough proof of that. Even if he's offline at the moment, this still proves my point as who would go offline for no reason if they are such activists? I can back up my absences simply because my internet died for 6 months, and then I had serious computer issues for another 2.

Anyway, this will (hopefully) be my last post for the day. I had a lot on my mind to say this time, and I had to let it out.

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